Out-of-Town Goodies

I like how  I have friends/colleagues from out of town and they always bring back yummy local treats from their hometown. Here's some noteworthy ones which makes me wanna plan a makan trip there!

A homemade Kuih Lepa all the way from Terengganu *yums*

Curry in Bread - Kuala Lukut, Port Dickson

Ol' school looking cupcakes from Ipoh which looked like they came out from a 1950's cookbook!

Homemade vegetarian chang (dumpling): the mushrooms were soaked in something divine! Need to try and get the recipe...

Coconut & Butter buns from Terengganu: sometimes the simplest thing can taste the best. No frills and hits the spot with some butter...

I love the different varieties of food available in Malaysia...don't know if I have a chance to try EVERYTHING! But I will try ;)


Weekend Makan Round-Up 25.04.2010

A weekend of eating which started with supper on Thursday night (yea, my weekends start kinda early...LOL)

Kaya toast & Black Sesame ice-cream with soyabean milk @ Pappa Rich: weird supper craving at 11pm...wanted something sweet and salty at the same time and ended up with the toast.  The black sesame ice-cream was super awesome...but quite expensive @ RM9.80.

Tai Chow Dinner @ Mei Yen, Jalan 20/7, Paramount Garden, PJ (same row as Caltex and Seaview Restaurant): My love for the lard is shared with others who have the same passion LOL

"Yuet Kwong Hor" (literal translation Yuet Kwong = Moon, Hor = Kuey Teow) The raw egg always gets me...gives the the dish a very nice silky texture. However, you have to eat the dish while it is hot as once it gets cold the smell of the raw egg is quite strong =_=

Lardy, lardy goodness! Can you spot the crispy bak yew pok (hokkien for crispy lard)?

Khow Yuk (stewed pork) Mee Hoon..."another melt in your mouth" winner...

Say the magic words for dessert: Durian!

Gluttony at its best (when you have company who has the same appetite and cravings as you)...hee hee hee...

Char Siew Rice brunch @ James Char Siew, Section 17 (Happy Mansion area): Don't know the kopitiam's name I only know the boss' name lol)

Free soup!
The lean angle

The fatty (melt in your mouth) angle *drools*

Damansara Village Steamboat: Steamboats are good with a group of friends on a cool evening...we can sit there for hours!

The herbal soup

The prawns are so fresh that sometimes they jump out of the pot! Well it didn't happen that night...oh well...

The prawns were really fresh and sweet *yum yum*

They even give you instructions on how to eat steamboat to acquire optimum taste/flavour and its benefits

1067, Jalan Jenjarum
Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara
Off Jalan SS23/10
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Happy week to all! xoxo


Do you like my new blog header?

I decided to create a blog header of some of my favourite food... I have so many undocumented shots that it was so hard trying to remember where I got all of them! LOL


Char Kuey Teow, Section 16, PJ

Village Park Nasi Lemak, Damansara Uptown

Fish Head Curry, somewhere in Serdang *LOL*: Sorry, I can't remember the name!

Wang Wang Char Siew, Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur: much better and cheaper than the famous one in Changkat BB (in that old shoplot/bungalow)

Hokkien fried Kuey Teow, Section 17: using charcoal to fry the noodles is the only way to go with this tasty dish...

Del's Mum's Sambal & Curry:  Homemade goodness with no additives...once a year special (for Hari Raya).

Fried Sui Kow, Sungai Besi (in front of a mechanic shop): a must have supper snack after a night of partying. My personal record? 25 pieces shared among 3 girls...we wanted more but we decided not to be greedy! hee hee hee...

Majestic Wan Tan Mee, Old Town (next to the former Majestic theatre(which cease to exist), hence the name): This is the only one (that I've tried) that serves it with minced pork. Been eating it since I was a kid...love it!

The ones that I really wanted to include but just didn't have the space:

Hokkien fried Kuey Teow, Section 17: charcoal fried as well ;)

Kin Kin Chili Pan Meeee, off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, KL: I used to eat this every weekend...the tasty chili, runny egg and al dente noodle is such a perfect combo...love, love, love!  

Lucky Garden Pork Noodles

Section 17 Nasi Lemak: Can we say curry and sambal overload?

Valentine's Roti Canai, Jalan Semarak, KL: One of the tastiest roti canai in town. I can eat 2-3 pieces in one siting! And Ell bought 50 to take back to NZ...isn't that testament to its greatness?

The King of Fruit, Durian: need I say more?

There is just so much good food out there that my blog header just couldn't fit. So, just continue to visit this blog to read/view them! ;) Happy eating! xoxo


The Press Room @ Bangsar Shopping Complex, Kuala Lumpur

A catch-up session with my EX(change)-colleagues is always a hoot with the amount of goss and drinks we go through...

We were so hungry (as usual, we are always hungry LOL), we started with the foie gras which was kinda small for the price but it was sure tasty...

Del's Fish: Didn't manage to sneak a bite as Del was not seated next to me - Del, was it good?

Karina's Wagyu Steak: Karina kept on saying: "Remember it's medium rare...NOT medium well done nor RARE." And the waiter simply replied: "Don't worry, Ma'am, the chef is French not a regular Malaysian who doesn't know the difference." 

Like HELLO? You are talking to a table of MALAYSIANS! Well, I took it as an insult and wanted to retort but what the heck, let's just drink, eat and be merry! (and yes, it was made to Karina's liking)

Rafizah's leg of lamb...

Sue-Ann, did you have fish too?

And last but not least, my WAGYU CHEEKS!!! Yeah, so what if they are not from Japan (they are from Australia), they are still tasty and did still melt in my mouth *yummmm*

No matter how full I am from my main course, I always have space for dessert! Desserts are usually best shared with everyone accompanied with coffee...

Butterscotch and pistachio ice-cream: very nice as it wasn't too sweet...


Supposedly molten chocolate cake but it was overcooked so it wasn't too molten :(

Well fed girls are very happy girls!

Can't wait for the next session, ladies!
Much coffee & love xoxo