Eden Noodle Cafe, Dominion Road

Winter makes me crave for spicy things...I don't know why...maybe its the hot, hot, heat that the chilli gives and that special kick in flavours that comforts me.

One of my favourite regular, convenient haunt is the Eden Noodle Cafe on Dominion Road. Must order item: Steamed pork dumplings swimming prettily in szechuan chilli oil...yummmmmm...

Was trying to break out from my regular spicy noodles (I always order the same thing when I go there...) and decided to try the Dan Dan Mien...not as good as I expected it to be...Believe it or not, my ever favourite Dan Dan Mien was enjoyed in Hong Kong at the Cathay Pacific business lounge! If you ever get a chance, try it!!!

My regular spicy noodle was ordered by my friend instead...which he didn't share! :P Looks good doesn't it? Always reminds me of spicy pan mee back home but with more soup *slurppppppppppppps*

Snack Healthy: Fruit & Nut

Snacking is unavoidable in winter. Trying to snack on healthy stuff is an even  harder task!

We have a feijoa tree in the garden (which has stopped bearing fruit after I started this post that has been delayed a few weeks hahaha)and its nice to pick fruit out of the garden and just snack away...now I wish I had a mango, pineapple, durian trees in the garden....

What I found on wikipedia on fejioa (for the benefit of my friend, Karen, who hasn't heard of feijoa!):

The Feijoa (pronounced /feɪˈʒoʊ.ə/, /feɪˈdʒoʊ.ə/,[1] or /feɪˈhoʊ.ə/[2]) (Feijoa sellowiana), also known as Pineapple Guava, Guavasteen (and sometimes mistakenly as Freijoa or Frijoa), is an evergreen shrub or small tree, 1–7 metres (3.3–23 ft) in height. The plant originates from the highlands of southern Brazil and parts of Colombia, Uruguay, and northern Argentina

Large quantities of the fruit are grown in New Zealand, where it is a popular garden tree and the fruit commonly is available in season. The New Zealand season runs from March to June. (hence, me missing the season hahaha)

On another (delayed) note, the boyf collected some walnuts during his trip to Hicks Bay on the East Cape - officially love walnuts now - coffee-like flavour with the nutty bite (makes sense?) :)

Gotta get up to speed with my other posts! Been eating lots of good food lately but haven't had time to blog about them! ;)