The Toby's Fish & Egg Burger Experience

I've been told by many about the greatness of Toby's and the must try Fish & Egg burger. Feeling a need to have something deep fried for brunch we trekked to Glen Eden for a fix. Boy, was I excited when I saw this:

My journey with the Fish & Egg burger making its way on my fave crave list...

A very happy customer!

I think I polished the burger in 10 minutes...

The burger hit the spot by having a runny egg + crispy battered fish in lightly toasted buns that tasted like fried bread. These are what cravings are made of!

We were also lucky enough to have a brunch show as the aunties working at the Glen Eden branch were pretty classic! One with a moko (face tattoo) who kept calling Ell "couz" and other patrons "bro"  - it was funny to hear them gossiping too! Chur aunties!

Elliot's massive brunch which he ate quite quickly too...fish and chip plus eggs (on top, no less)!

A trip to Toby's is definitely worth it. Remember, whatever you order ask for the eggs to be runny!

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