Friday Lunch @ SIDART

When I first moved back to NZ, one thing I noticed is that long lunches are really not part of the week day agenda...so when I did get a long break on a particular Friday, I jumped at the chance to try SIDART's five-course Friday lunch with E.

As the five course menu changes weekly therefore, they don't have a printed menu. For the life of me, I cannot remember what each and every dish was...

Don't get me wrong, each dish was explained by the well-informed staff but it was just me who didn't take notes as I was just ooh-ing and ahhh-ing the delish food...

Each course had distinct flavours with complementary textures...it's hard to explain how it feels in your mouth when you take a bite but it was definitely very interesting...most of all TASTY without over stuffing yourself (it was ideal lunch time size)!

The perfect Friday it was xxx

For more information about SIDART's Friday lunches: http://sidart.co.nz/

Might try out their Tuesday Test Kitchen which starts end-Jan 2012...

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